Flower Power

For this week’s blog we were inspired by a recent article about contemporary art and floristry in the Financial Times magazine. This floral art sees artists working with flowers to create incredible, blossoming structures that blur the boundary between floristry and sculpture. Often vast in form, utilising this natural, delicate material creates a truly poetic balance.

Daniel Ost is perhaps the best known floral artist. He has been creating floral art for over forty years and continues to mould his craft to suit contemporary trends. His current work integrates elements of contemporary design, with custom built structures that allow flowers to be weaved, hung or displayed around.

We were struck by this orchid canopy structure, pictured below, which Ost created for King Baudouin of of Belgium’s 60th birthday. The canopy integrates both contemporary design and natural orchids.

Another inspiring floral artist is East London based Rebecca Louise Law. She trained in Fine Art but her interests in nature preservation led to create floral installations. Speaking about her work she says that the ‘physicality and sensuality of the site specific work plays with the relationship between man and nature’. She transforms public spaces bringing in her floral creations to create a stunning display of dazzling natural beauty.

If you’ve been inspired by these floral sculptures there are more permanent ways of integrating floral features in your home. Looking at the floral sculptures reminded us of de Gournay’s wallpapers. De Gournay specialise in hand painted wallpaper, fabrics, furniture and porcelain. Their wallpapers are based on 18th century Chinoiserie designs and always incorporate stunning floral designs.