Christie's Interiors August 2015

Christie’s South Kensington is celebrating its 40th year with some fantastic talks and events. This week we attended a the Christie’s Interiors August auction and a talk on The Art of Interior Design with some great speakers including James McWhirter and Sarah Morris of McWhirter Morris. The talk covered how to decorate small spaces and decorating a room using both antique and modern furniture - James described redecorating a small flat in London cleverly using every inch of space and using a four-poster bed in the bedroom which made it incredibly inviting.

You might have noticed from our previous blog posts that we make sure to take advantage of London’s cultural events and networks since we also source art and antiques for clients, either as part of a project or as a one-off. We visit as many art, antiques and designs fairs as we can and are always on the lookout for unique pieces. Here are some of our favourite pieces from Christie’s Interiors August auction – the auction is on August 18th so do pop along to take a look at what’s on sale.

Alongside items of furniture are a stunning selection of 20th and 21st Century paintings. The work of Polish painter Zdzislaw Ruszkowski (1907-1991) particularly caught our eye. During the 1930s Ruszowski moved to France where he discovered the work of Cezanne and was hugely inspired by his colouring and Post-Impressionistic approach. There is a beautiful and sensitive lyricism in Ruszowski’s work, aided by his playful yet harmonious colour schemes.

We were also intrigued by these coloured chalk drawings by John Golding. The colour scheme, with subtle hints and richer tones could provide the perfect inspiration for an interior’s colour scheme. This is a great example of how one piece, like a work of art, can really influence and dictate your interior design choices.