20|21 International Art Fair 2015

We attended the 20|21 International Art Fair at London’s Royal College of Art. There was a really exciting mix of both British and foreign galleries exhibiting well known artists from Picasso to Henry Moore alongside young, emerging artists. With over 60 galleries presenting their collections there was an incredible and eclectic selection of works of art, we’ve chosen a few of our favourite pieces from the fair to share with you.

Rebecca Hossack Gallery had works by printmaker Phil Shaw on display. We were intrigued by his Bookshelf series, which capitalises on the new possibilities of digital printmaking. Shaw photographs each book separately, before digitally re-shelving them as a collection in a beautiful monochromatic or colour graded order. The titles are all thematically grouped and one work that caught our eye was based around London tube stops, the title of each book containing a tube location. We loved these prints, they contain witty subject matter combined with a beautiful and colourful aesthetic.

Long & Ryle Gallery were exhibiting several artists that caught our eye. John Monks’ paintings of interiors and landscapes have almost abstract elements with their blurred lines and colours. They could really compliment an existing colour scheme and be a beautiful addition to a modern interior.

Long & Ryle Gallery were also showcasing Katherine Morling’s intriguing sculptural pieces. These intricately cast pieces are all taken from her personal narrative and personal objects, placed in these cabinets they become precious and memorialized. These would be very unique and eye catching in any interior.

Sue Campion's pastel landscapes at The Russell Gallery's display also caught our attention. Some of more colourful works are reminiscent of David Hockney's colour blocked landscapes. Colours are often simplified and these could really be matched with an interior colour scheme to help bring out certain tones and hues.