Paintings from Christie's Interiors December Sale

Christie’s regular Interiors sale is always on our calendar of must-see auctions. It is a perfect auction for both first-time buyers and seasonal auction hunters as each item has a guaranteed quality.

This month’s sale was no exception. Alongside objects and items of furniture were a selection of exquisite paintings and we wanted to share our favourite works with you.

This painting by Hercules Brabazon Brabazon really caught our eye for its subject matter and colour palette. English artist Brabazon was an accomplished watercolorist. After graduating in Mathematics from Cambridge University, Brabazon travelled to Rome to study art, pursuing his true passion. During his life he continued to travel, mostly across Europe, to explore the artistic feats of artists such as Velazquez, who he greatly admired. His watercolour style was also very much influenced by Turner. This work below depicts Santa Maria della Salute in Venice and is painted in watercolours heightened by white on blue paper. The colouring is sensitive and subtle yet still evokes this Venetian scene. When buying art for an interior, we enjoy selecting works which can either inform or tie together a room’s colour scheme. A work like this is a perfect companion, its colours can be translated into a colour scheme, yet itself would not overpower but compliment the space.

Estimate: £800-1,200

These next drawings, by Henry Parsons Riviere, are on sale as a pair. One depicts the Colosseum in Rome, the other shows a view at Tiber and St Peter’s Cathedral. Like Brabazon, Riviere was also a renowned watercolorist. He also travelled to Rome where he lived and taught for several years. During this time his work became increasingly focussed on ancient ruins and Rome’s historic landscape. These works are both executed in pencil and watercolour, and are beautifully detailed. Works like this are perfect for adding to a collection, particularly when bought as a pair.

Estimate: £1,200-1,800

This painting by Fred Yates has a lovely colourful and cheerful quality which caught our eye. British artist Yates took up painting during his time as a painter and decorator. In 1970 he moved to Cornwall where he painted outdoor landscapes scenes, and became commercially popular following the Tate’s ‘St Ives’ exhibition. His work is often likened to L. S. Lowry for its aesthetic similarities. This painting below depicts the town of Urmston in Manchester, Yates’ hometown, and we love the use of blues, yellows and reds. A work like this would enliven a modern interior, and look lovely in a muted colour scheme to add a splash of vibrancy.

Estimate: £2,000-3,000

The painting below by Julian Barrow shows a street in central Calcutta. Barrow was known for his paintings of London’s architectural features and everyday buildings, but was also a prolific traveller so we were intrigued to see this work. This painting has a lovely character, with almost impressionistic brushstrokes. The colouring is centred around a palette of subtle browns and blues which perfectly compliment each other.

Estimate: £800-1,200