Robert Kime Book Launch

We had a lovely time at the launch of interior designer Robert Kime’s book this week at Christie’s HQ in London. The book is beautifully designed and its pages filled with stunning projects.

We have always admired Robert’s work, its remains timeless and elegant. His new book reflects on twelve of his favourite projects. There are stunning photographs and interesting stories about choices and challenges.

Alistair Langlands, the book’s writer, tells us for Robert “it is essential that a house or room should convey a sense of safety and a feeling of permanence”. This feeling of safety and permanence is created not through lavish decoration, but subtle and sensitive details that reflect the style of the existing space and add a homely but fresh atmosphere.

The book also captures exquisite details from his own homes, like this plaster cast of Roman ladies from the Met Museum of Art which is now in Robert’s house in Provence.