The Wonders of Sir John Soane's Museum

We find Sir John Soane's Museum in Lincoln’s Inn Fields one of the inspiring places in London. Aside from being filled with fascinating artefacts, the architectural details are exquisite. Sir John Soane was a famed Neoclassical architect and his home reflects his remarkable talents. His best known public work was the Bank of England and Dulwich Picture Gallery where top-lit gallery design would go on to be a major influence on museum planning. 

In 1792 Soane bought three houses on the site, which he demolished and rebuilt entirely. The distinctive facade of white Norfolk brick still dazzles today. Inside is a beautiful array of eclectic objects and artworks, among them are his many plaster casts and Roman marbles. It's interesting to note the unusual way in which objects are displayed - rather than curating them in a chronological or geographic order, Soane instead opted for a creative display based purely on aesthetics. 

Since 2011 there has been a major restoration project to improve the museum to both develop the existing space and open up lost spaces which weren't seen before. If you haven't yet discovered Sir John Soane's Museum, now is the perfect time to explore the building and the exciting collection of artefacts.

Jane Wilkinson, head of conservation at the museum, said “we view the actual spaces as works of art” - an approach which has a powerful resonance with the way we approach the spaces we work with.