Back and Forth – Identifying Art In Everyday Life – Toni Catany

“I take photographs in order to translate my emotions,

my feelings and the responses of my sensibility into images”

Toni Catany

Thousands of visitors travel to Mallorca for the sun, sea and sand, but the Island also has a great deal of culture to offer as well including an impressive number of art galleries and museums. 

A recent visit to Casal Solleric Art Gallery on the Passeig del Born, in the very heart of Palma, rewarded us with an introduction to the unique photography of local artist Toni Catany. The gallery, with a small café, is set in a wonderful 18th century Baroque former manor-house and courtyard and is now one of the city’s free art galleries.

Born in Llucmajor, Mallorca in 1942, Catany was entirely self-taught. His work was inspired by the colours and images of the island and many of his still lifes are of Mediterranean plants, flowers and local artefacts.

When on his extensive worldwide travels later in life, Catany would collect souvenirs, mementoes and objects such as shells and handcrafted objects. On his return Catany would photograph his finds against a Mallorcan backdrop. He also set up a studio in Barcelona, filled with his projects and memories.

Many of the items, he maintained, had no value other than being part of his history, and an expression of the way he identified art in everyday life. As such they were arranged and grouped together without any sense of hierarchy.

We were inspired by Toni Catany’s love of colour to create our own Mediterranean mood board...

This link with his home in Mallorca, his travels around the world, and his life in Barcelona made up his world and have informed the title of the current exhibition, which translates as “Back and Forth”.

For our client in County Mayo, we incorporated their beautiful shell collection as a focal point to their sitting room, while the splash of colour from these fresh flowers enhanced the elegance of the bathroom created for our client in West London.