London’s Inspiring and Historic Interiors

Living in London, we’re surrounded by incredible and historic buildings whose interior designs are a great source of inspiration. We wanted to share with you some of the stunning buildings that we love visiting and their impressive interiors.

First up has to be Leighton House in Holland Park. Now a museum, Leighton House is the former home of the painter and sculptor Frederic, Lord Leighton. It was designed in 1864 by architect George Aitchison and is perhaps his greatest architectural feat. Its interior is known for its beautifully elaborate Orientalist and Aesthetic designs.

The centrepiece of the house is its Arab Hall which was designed to display Leighton’s collection of Islamic tiles. Over 1,000 tiles decorate the walls, together with coloured marble clad walls, a golden mosaic frieze and a central fountain.

Eltham Palace and Gardens near Greenwich is another stunning home to visit. Originally a Medieval Royal residence, it was bought by Stephen and Virginia Courtauld and redesigned by architects Seely and Paget in 1933-6. While the house features an eclectic mixture of styles including Medieval and 20th Century elements, it is its Art Deco designs that most stand out.

There are beautiful features like these doors from its Art Deco dining room which feature animals and birds, all originally drawn from life at the London Zoo.

Virginia Courtauld’s bathroom has walls lined with onyx and incredible gold mosaic tiles.

Another magnificent building is Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham. Built by Horace Walpole from 1749, it is a stunning example of Gothic Revival architecture and design. The ‘castle’ became a tourist attraction even in Walpole’s own lifetime and he allowed four visitors a day to come along and explore his home. The Gallery is a stand-out room, it has an impressive papier mache ceiling with newly restored gilding and the walls are hung with a rich crimson Norwich damask.

There are beautiful and often surprising colour combinations throughout the house, including the blue bed chamber and a Beauclerc closet decorated with Indian blue damask.

Have you visited any of these beautiful spaces yet?

Let us know if you have, or if you have any favourite spaces that inspire you!