Every Object Tells A Story ... Part II

'Every Object Tells A Story' indeed proves it point, we were utterly intrigued by the works of art, furniture, antiques and precious objects on display at 33 Fitzroy Square. All works have been chosen and curated by dealer Oliver Hoare and every piece has both a historic and personal story. We were captivated by almost every piece in the exhibition, it was so hard to choose just a few favourites we've posted two blogs about it. Here part 2 showing the pieces that really stood out to us. 

We were intrigued by this alchemist’s porphyry mercury bowl from the 14th Century. Oliver discovered it at Christopher Gibbs’ ‘mysterious lair’ as he describes it, and it was the mystery of this piece that caught our attention. Mercury was one of the most central elements in alchemy, together with sulfur and salt.


This Ottoman cabinet from 17th Century Istanbul immediately grabbed our attention for its spectacular decoration and detail. It reflects the new flamboyancy of the 17th Century against the more austere fashions of the previous century. It also matches the furniture in Topkapi Palace and the Sultan’s lodge at the Yeni Cami mosque.

This double bass is perhaps one of the most intriguing pieces we saw, it was commissioned for the 13th Dalai Lama, Thubten Gyatso in the 1920s. Alongside his spiritual life, Thubten Gyatso was apparently obsessed with American Jazz music. The double bass has a black lacquered hardwood body, its fret-board is stretched with python skin and its base features a painted howling demon. The instrument’s case is just as spectacular; beautifully painted with Buddhist symbols and lined with gold-embroidered silks.