British Institute of Interior Design Event

We were recently invited to BIID’s CPD Providers Showcase 2015 at The Goldsmith’s Centre in Farringdon. It was the first event of its kind for the BIID and really provided a unique opportunity for interior designers to share expertise. Across the day, eight speakers gave us their specialist industry knowledge and while all provided interesting and insightful content we wanted to share some of our highlights from the day.

Effegibi started the day with speaker Luca Trioschi. Luca introduced us to their wellness and spa installations – saunas and steam rooms. He covered both their residential and professional settings and we were really impressed by Effegibi’s emphasis on both practicality and aesthetics. He also addressed the importance of designers adding their own personal touches to their installations with tile finishes and material selection.

Some of the most innovative design ideas came from Amina Technologies who presented their invisible sound solutions. Their aim is to create lifestyle environments, installing modern loudspeakers without any obviously visible technology.

The much loved and known Aga introduced their cast iron cookers and latest developments. We really loved their new City60, a smaller and more city-friendly cooker that is perfect for city homes.