Before & After: A Townhouse in Chelsea, London

This Chelsea Townhouse always had potential, but needed a huge amount of work. It took Philippa’s eye for space, light and detail to truly open it up as the stunning environment it has become.

Before vs After: The Kitchen and Dining Room

At first, the kitchen was a dark and dilapidated space in serious need of a lighter touch. We transformed it by removing a door and wall to fuse the kitchen and dining room together. We also allowed it to open out onto the beautiful terrace, encouraging natural light to stream through. The kitchen interior was painted with Sanderson’s ‘Dusky White’ for a soft but crisp, light finish.

The dining room was beautifully redecorated with a clever mix of antique and new pieces that tie in with the kitchen. A French antique cupboard was replicated to become part of a matching pair. They flank a blue chimneypiece which was entirely newly installed.

Before vs After: Upstairs Drawing Room

Initially the first floor comprised two small, dark rooms. After knocking them into one, we created an L-shaped drawing room that felt fresh and airy with a new focus on balance and proportion helped by the central windows. In order to harmonise this new opening, Philippa designed pilasters which appear to support the beam. The floorboards were painted with a soft grey, in keeping with the overall colour scheme.

The unusually soft-coloured Ziegler carpet inspired the colours in the drawing room. The walls were painted in an off-white so that the room reflects back into itself. The stiffened muslin blinds and linen curtains maximize light to keep the space softly lit and airy.