The Frick Collection // New York

As well as exploring New York’s incredible contemporary galleries, we visited The Frick Collection. The Frick is known for its outstanding collection of works of art from the Renaissance to the 19th century and includes artists such as Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Degas, Turner and El Greco. The museum also has a charming garden to relax in and was a serene environment to enjoy the collection.

Here are some of our favourite works of art on display at The Frick Collection ...

Giovanni Bellini is the most famous of the Bellini family of Venetian Renaissance painters. He revolutionised Venetian painting through his coloristic and sensuous style. This work below, St Francis in the Desert (c. 1476-78) shows St Francis receiving the stigmata. We loved the landscape which is painted with stunning detail and includes animals, birds, plants and objects like skulls.  

We couldn't help but be drawn to some of the more British works of art on display such as this portrait of Thomas Cromwell by Hans Holbein. German artist Holbein spent long periods in England where he painted the nobility of the Tudor Court.

This terracotta sculpture by Jean-Antoine Houdon also caught our eye. It represents Diana the Huntress and its life size-scale is incredible. Houdon called on classical sources such as the Apollo Belvedere which inspired her long limbed, elegant pose.

There were also some outstanding works by Titian on display. Titian is an artist who has always captivated us for his rich hues and alluring subjects. He is widely regarded as the greatest painter of 16th century Venice and when you face his paintings you can see why. The depiction of soft flesh and textures of fur is painted with extraordinary detail.